Friday, November 03, 2006

Paula y Emma: no shark in sight!

dear Paula and Emma,

I write in Eglish because my spanish writing is bad, ask mami to help you. thanx for your message, we must say that we have not seen any koala or kangaroo yet. the only shark we saw was on a poster but we have been here only for one day and we had no time to go to the seaside. we'll have great care to avoid white sharks when we go to the beach and we'll photo the tiburon for you.

we like our new flat and we show you a picture while we are cleaning the new home. it's not as the palomar in Treviso, but there is a lot of light and we have a nice view of skyscrapers and of the Harbour Bridge. we'll send you a photo soon. we miss you a lot and it's a pity that you are so far because we have a room for guests here and you might come to sleep here as well. continue to send us messages and tell us what you do so that it's almost like being close. go on looking at the blog pages, we'll post some messages only for you with the last exciting news from Australia (with pictures and comments) and you can also look at the other messages and photos (though in italian). greetings to Maria, Gerardo and Oscar. kisses and hugs. Cesira and Paolo

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